Sunday, December 22, 2013


I have an assembly line approach to painting minis. First I paint all the flesh, then move out. Like shirts, then coats, hats and so on. With these Soviets I am painting them bare bones. There are a lot of them and I don't play a Soviet list. My son ordered all these a while back when he wanted to flood the table with Soviets.

I first sprayed all the minis with a khaki spray paint. Next I added flesh, then painted helmets. Now I just did the boots. Guns next and then I'll add the wash. Any mistakes I make are left. I'm not going back to touch up.


  1. I use Vallejo paints. They are acrylic and have a matte finish.

    1. Never heard of 'em. When will you start the rifles & such?

  2. They are already started and almost done. The metal and stocks have been painted. All that are left is the slings.