Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pack of Wolves

My son plays 40K, space wolves. He has been doing the base painting and then I touch it up.

I was not happy with this pack of wolves but I kept plugging away and am finally happy with the results.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Division Leaders

I finally, finished the the King, General and all the division leaders. It's not the bestest job ever but considering how many models I need to paint I am happy with them.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hail Caesar

Yesterday I played a Hail Caesar game with my hobby club. It was a good time had by all. Seeing Bob's painted naked Celts has inspired me to start painting my minis again.

Hail Caesar is fun and we are new to it and are learning the rules together. We pushed two tables together and each played a 300 point army. The barbarians (me, the Dacian's and Bob the Celts) on one side and the Greeks (Ben, they Macedonian's? and Vince the Spartans) on the other side. With so many barbarians on the table strategy is difficult. It is more or less run forward and overwhelm the enemy.

The Spartans were protecting the hills and the town and the Macedonians were protecting the captured Dacian king who we were suppose to rescue. The Spartans formed into a square and were next to impossible to route out. But Bob was able to take the town and had surrounded the hills. I on the other hand had trouble.

My cavalry commander kept failing his command rolls so the cavalry mostly sat and watched the action. Then Ben's skirmishers were able to take out two of my light cavalry units and I was unable to even get them shaken. My first three break tests sent my units packing.

But then Ben missed a couple of his break tests and it started to look good for the Dacians. But that was a brief moment and the Dacians left the table for good.

Time ran out and the Dacian king was not rescued. Oh well, the Dacians will fight another day.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Flames of War battle

It has been a long time but I finally got a Flames game in. There were three of us so my son playing the Soviets and I teamed up against Ordo member Tom who played the British. 1780 late war. Splitting the points my son put out over 40 Soviets infantry and me only 7 shermans. Tom put out a whole horde of infantry too plus a lot of artillery. It was going to be a slug fest.

The artillery immediately went for my shermas. There was a lot of terrain so I had a tough time trying to keep my shermans spread apart and not fit under the pizza box template.

The Soviets did what they do best, charge into battle and die. But there are so many they just keep coming. Meanwhile my tanks were slowly whittled away and do next to nothing in return.

The day went to the British but it was a fun game as it always is at our club. I took a few pictures with my new smart phone.