Monday, April 8, 2013

Flames of War battle

It has been a long time but I finally got a Flames game in. There were three of us so my son playing the Soviets and I teamed up against Ordo member Tom who played the British. 1780 late war. Splitting the points my son put out over 40 Soviets infantry and me only 7 shermans. Tom put out a whole horde of infantry too plus a lot of artillery. It was going to be a slug fest.

The artillery immediately went for my shermas. There was a lot of terrain so I had a tough time trying to keep my shermans spread apart and not fit under the pizza box template.

The Soviets did what they do best, charge into battle and die. But there are so many they just keep coming. Meanwhile my tanks were slowly whittled away and do next to nothing in return.

The day went to the British but it was a fun game as it always is at our club. I took a few pictures with my new smart phone.

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