Monday, June 15, 2015

40K Chainsword

So on to the next project. My son and I are making a 40K chainsword for his cosplay outfit. We decided to use EVA foam, a cosplay standard. This is our first time using EVA foam. The benifit of EVA foam is it is pretty cheap and easy to work with. You can also heat it up and shape it and it will retain it's shape. The chainsword is the first part of the costume.

This is the EVA foam we are using.

Here is the chainsword before we closed it up.

And after we closed it up.


  1. What is cosplay? The sword looks really cool. Like the photos of the process as you go along. Looks like it is taking a lot of patience. Good job!

  2. Cosplay is short for costume play. We go to Connecticon every year and cosplay is very big there. Thanks for the compliment. It has been fun to make so being patient has been no problem.

  3. Can you show the dimensions you used?

  4. The total length of the chainsword is 32". It is 4" tall and 3" think. We know the sword is shorter than it should be but that was the length of the EVA foam we bought and we didn't have time to figure out how to make the sword longer.